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Are you Dangerously Deficient in Many Nutrients?

Microbiome-made synbiotic nutrients provide the primary nourishment for human cells and ample nourishment may prevent premature aging, reduce aches and pains, and lower your risk of diabetes… and much more.  Many people aren’t aware that the following symptoms may be urgent signals of dangerous and very common nutrient deficiency states that can threaten long-term health. Take the time NOW to answer the following questions to find out if you’re at risk. Do any of the following symptoms apply to you:

  • Aches and pains?
  • Fatigue or sluggish metabolism and excess belly fat?
  • Poor digestion?
  • Blood sugar imbalances?
  • Anxiety or Depression?
  • Mood swings or Poor sleep?
  • Muscle twitching and or cramps?
  • Short-term memory gaps or brain fog?
  • Chest or neck pains or irregular heartbeat?
  • Painful menstruation for women?
  • Headaches?
  •  If you checked any one of these, you could be dangerously deficient in many microbiome-made synbiotic nutrients. Discover the SOLUTION in RejuvaFood-N3 – click here to read more about this breakthrough nourishment discovery

PROBLEM: Common and often undetected nutrient deficits may have serious health effects. Deprived in nutrients made by your microbiome, your body may degenerate and accumulate too many inflammation-causing chemicals and carcinogens that cause cancer. But initial symptoms of these nutrient deficiencies and toxic conditions are insidious and commonly mistaken for other conditions or missed by your doctor. Many popular nutritional supplements don’t work because they were not been designed to properly nourish your microbiome! As a result, these common supplements do not give us greater resilience against stress or the kind of energy that makes us look and feel our best.  And, we cannot always count on commercially packed foods, most of which is irradiated and not fresh (most produce is already 2-5 weeks old and 90% nutrient-depleted in stores). Believe it or not, scientists have only defined and named 6% of the nutrients found in milligram-dosed supplements. Today’s stress levels along with a lack of exercise and sleep deprivation also deplete nutrients at lightening speeds, causing maldigestion and malnourishment. The well-known digestion-inhibiting effects of stress make it mandatory that our food supplements are RAW, predigested (fermented or cultured) in quorum nutrition formats. Dr. Yanick invented this unique kind of individualized “predigested” quorum nutrition and it has been scientifically proven to provide fast, instant nourishment to all the cells in our body.

SOLUTION: Since 90% of your body’s cells are microbial cells (microbiome), one has to wonder why doctors only seem to be concerned with nourishing human cells or only 10% of the cells in your body. Today with a mass of confusing and conflicting nutritional information and false marketing hype, getting educated about how to correct these deficiencies in hundreds of thousands of microbiome-made nutrients makes perfect sense! STOP being confused by false nutritional claims or overwhelmed by your options (multiple, tablets, capsules, powder, fizzy, chewable, and liquid) and START using RejuvaFood-N3 daily. Learn why sulfur is the most prevalent deficiency state and how to correct a sulfur deficiency naturally

Two simple steps to get RejuvaFood-N3: 

STEP One – Ideally, read the FREE downloadable e-booklet by world-renowned nutritional expert and pioneer, Dr. Paul Yanick entitled Superorganism Healing! This new e-booklet may help to steer you in the right direction so you SAVE money and get the BEST NOURISHMENT for your general health and well-being. You will learn how to get better connected with nature and finally be able to correct insidious nutrient deficits that are so critical for your body to defend itself against pathogens, stress and toxins that cause inflammation and cancer. Before downloading the FREE e-booklet, become a registered “private lifetime member” of QuantaFoods Association for only $9.99 by clicking below. Save money and stay healthy!  In completing this acquisition of this e-book, I agree to become a registered private member of QuantaFoods Association and I assert that I have consulted with my primary health care physician before starting any dietary changes or taking any dietary supplements and continue to have my health status monitored by my physician. Plus, I agree and understand that the educational information provided by members of Quantafoods Association should not be considered a substitute for the advice of a licensed physician and I agree to stay under the medical care of my physician who prescribed this program for me and not use these supplements with other supplements or pharmaceutical drugs. I understand that Quantafoods Association is a 1st and 14th Amendment Private Health Association that contracts for services and benefits with private members only and not the public and thus I agree to take full responsibility for all decisions concerning my health and hereby fully release QuantaFoods Association and all employees from any liability whatsoever. As a Quantafoods Association private registered member, I have read and fully understand and agree to private membership terms and the above statement as part and parcel of making this e-book download.

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Paul Yanick PHDPaul Yanick, Jr., PhD, ND, CNC,CQM is the founder and president of the American Academy of Quantum Medicine. He is the Director of national board certification for doctors with the AAQM-ANMCB Curriculum & Examination in Quantum Medicine & Quantum Nutrition®. DR. PAUL YANICK JR, PHD, ND, CNC is Board Certified in Quantum Medicine (American Naturopathic Medical Certification & Accreditation Board) QM# 1205; a Licensed Naturopath in North Carolina #2000000495256. He is also nationally Board Certified as a Naturopath (American Naturopathic Medical Certification & Accreditation Board) #70122, a Nutritional Consultant Diplomat (American Association of Nutritional Consultants) and is a board Certified Diplomat in Anti-Aging Medicine (American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine) and is a Board Certified Diplomat in Integrative Medicine (American Association of Integrative Medicine) ID#1205. He is an established medical author of over 400 publications and a world renowned expert in quantum medicine™ and Quorum Nutrition® with his 40 years of clinical experience presented in the Quantum Medicine Update column to 15,000 alternative practitioners (Townsend Letter for Doctors) and in his many books and newsletters. He is the recipient of 7 US patents and numerous scientific awards (Who’s Who in Technology Today- 1979 & 1980; Who’s Who in Human Health Services-1988; Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs-1999) and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of the American Association of Integrative Medicine and the Townsend Letter for Doctors.