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 NEW! 2015 Revised Digital e-book – A 10-Lesson Inner Physician Training Manual (e-book) with Microbiome Webinar Combo DVD

This 2015 e-book training manual with optional board certification in Inner Physician Healing was developed to provide professional development and training to those practitioners who work with patients that seek to integrate all the components of inner physician healing to achieve good health and longevity. It comes with video lectures and was developed only for physicians who see the body’s inner physician as the ultimate healer and who recognize that no “cure” can come about by any product, drug, or food. This comprehensive program is designed to allow practitioners to assess and restore, nourish and cleanse inner physician status. Board Certification ensures that individuals have been trained and tested in teaching skills and the elements of inner physician integrative medicine via 10 effective lesson plans. Upon completion of the lesson plan, practitioners will have the essential tools needed to further their professional advancement and help patients in a way that taps into nature’s infallible wisdom and recipes for health. And, for the first time ever, practitioners will learn how to clinically assess the inner physician via advanced palpation, range of motion and kinesiological challenge tests, and other functional tests and questionnaires. Course Outline: Lesson 1 – Introduction to the Healing Potential of the Body’s Inner Physician: Lesson 2 – Understanding the Inner Physician and the Quorum Ecosystem Cycle; Lesson 3 – Understanding Inner Physician Neuro-anatomy and Physiology; Lesson 4 – Understanding the Embryology of the Inner Physician; Lesson 5 – Understanding the Adrenal Connection to Inner Physician Physiology; Lesson 6 – Understanding Acupuncture Physiology and the Inner Physician; Lesson 7 – Alignment and the Inner Physician; Lesson 8 – Nourishment and the Inner Physician; Lesson 9 – Advances in Understanding the Operational Complexity of the Inner Physician; Lesson 10 – Clinical Assessment of the Inner Physician

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 NEW! Archives of Past 6 Webinars DVD

2014webinarskiy The last 6 2013-2014 webinars featured the amazing Microbiome and the efferent-afferent vagus! Hundreds of our doctor association members requested this DVD combo so they can further study the research presented on how to nurture and nourish the microbiome and the neurons of the efferent and afferent vagus. Nature’s wisdom and the microbiome expression will outperform human wisdom and health care treatment in every way possible. Think of your microbiome as your second brain and you cannot go wrong! The stunningly complex neural network f the efferent and afferent vagus can leverage your inner ecosystem toward a superorganism and super-healing potential when you interface it with nature! The microbiome is the only organ to boast its own independent nervous system and possesses an intricate network of 100 million neurons that are embedded in the gut linings.Neuroimmunologist, Dr. John Neinenstock of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario states that our microbiome influences neurological function, emotional behavior, brain chemistry, stress defenses and a wide range of bodily functions. Taking the time to tweak the balance of your microbiome can trigger a cascade of molecular reactions that feed back to your central nervous system. Even depression and anxiety will seem to dissipate and disappear as you nourish your microbiome! Our microbiome has been proven to produce hundreds of neurochemicals that the brain uses to regulate basic mental processes such as learning, memory, and mood. Believe it or not our microbiome has been proven to product 95 percent of the body’s serotonin which influences both mood and GI activity.
You will notice better digestion and more efficient metabolism, as your microbiome is better able to ferment your food into super nutritional factors. You will also find that a well nourished microbiome can build a protective barrier against harmful food-borne pathogens and invading germs! They block these bad germs from setting up camp in your body and produce a wide spectrum of anti-yeast, anti-fungal and anti-viral compounds. When you consider the microbiome’s vast multifaceted ability to restore your brain and nutrient status. Dr. Emeran Mayer, MD of the University of California, states, “It is almost unthinkable that the gut is not play a critical role in mind states.” In the medical journal Gastroenterology in 2011, we read about the microbiome-gut-brain axis and how it can stop anxiety and normalize behavior (Physiology and Behavior 1998: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2011; Gastroenterology 2010; Bioessays 2011). Being able to fine-tune behavior to regulate mood and cognition and anxiety via microbiome expression leads many researchers to ask the intriguing question: Who’s in control, the brain or the microbiome?

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