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QuantaFoods Association (QFA) is the Original & Authentic Source of Dr. Paul Yanick’s food-based, Quorum Nutrition….now managed by Heather Yanick, a nationally board-certified Quorum Nutrition expert.  We believe what Hippocrates stated over 2400 years ago: “Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food.

       We call the doctor within us, our inner physician and we believe that no  “CURE” exists for any disease via any food, herbal, nutritional or nutraceutical or pharmaceutical (drug) product. Our hundreds of private registered doctor members make no claims that any natural food or product we offer can cure, mitigate, treat or prevent disease. Instead, we see ourselves in a strict sense as educators who teach our private members how to NURTURE and NOURISH the body’s inner physician and its inner ecosystem of beneficial and friendly microbes, called the microbiome.  We respect nature’s wisdom and quorum ecosystem cycles (see illustration), teaching lifestyle changes that NOURISH and RESTORE inner physician function in a world alienated from nature. This approach allows food to be our medicine and shifts health care from focusing on disease to a participatory mode that focuses on high-level wellness and wholeness. As medical costs continue to escalate in today’s failing economy, this approach enables one to dramatically lower health care expenditures.

THE PROBLEM:   It is the opinion of our members that food cannot be our medicine when our inner ecosystem is disrupted from taking antibiotics at any one time in the past. Since up-to-date science teaches us that human cell nourishment comes primarily from the fermentation of our food with a symbiotic inner ecosystem, our primary focus is on microbiome and cell nourishment. However, no one in the health care industry is providing natural ways to nourish and restore a diverse and sustainable inner ecosystem or correct the primary nutrient deficiency states of synbiotic sulfur, sulfolipids, polar lipids and water. These missing links in health care explain why some of the most widely accepted academic teachings, intellectual beliefs, and therapeutic modalities often make being sick—from any cause—many times worse than it has to be. We are manipulated daily by the aggression of commercialism that accumulates huge monetary gains but denies us respect and alienates us from nature and from what Hippocrates taught us about nourishing the body’s inner physician. Moreover, the primary reason that we formed QFA was that over 97% of today’s supplements were toxic and ineffective. Rather than perpetuating a “diagnose and treat” mindset, we educate one another on how to NOURISH cell and inner ecosystem integrity with revitalized water and quorum nourishment. Finally, there’s hope to match nature’s infallible wisdom for the ultimate total body nourishment that is way beyond the mere 5-6% of nutrients currently known and defined by modern science. Read more about Dr. Yanick’s inventions and research at the non-profit American Academy of Quantum Medicine website @ www.qfa-aaqm.org

THE SOLUTION:   Until now, little could be done to nourish and restore the human microbiome.  Over 45 years ago our founder, Dr. Yanick, was given one year to live after having spent a childhood on prescription drugs. Trusting in nature’s wisdom and quorum-ecosystem cycles saved his life!  Indeed, a bolt of excitement ran through the field of nutrition when Dr. Paul Yanick discovered quorum nutrition and ExcelaWater as novel ways to finally NOURISH and NURTURE the microbiome and its habitat.  Dr. Yanick had to invent ways to nourish the microbiome and cells that took into account cell polarity which acts as a barrier to protect nutrients against shelf life deterioration and the massive nutrient depletion found in most supplements today. We believe that the microbiome or inner ecosystem gives us the combination to our inner physician’s vault so we can finally discover the precious, untapped healing power within the body.  Nourishing the inner physician and its inner ecosystem has the amazing potential to release the floodgates of the genius of your inner physician and its genetically-rich microbiome. We believe that tapping into the genius of our inner physician and nature’s wisdom can save us money, save our very lives and the lives of our loved ones.

Why Join QuantaFoods Association? – To finally nourish your inner physician by getting in harmony with the timeless wisdom of nature’s ecosystem cycles.  In his book Harmony, Prince Charles states that mankind’s most pressing problems are rooted in our disharmony with nature. Echoing the message of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, and Van Jones’ Green Collar Economy, Prince Charles presents the compelling case that solutions to our most dire crises—from climate change to disease—lie in regaining a balance or harmony with the natural world around us. Since fresh-harvested food loses 90% of all its nutrients in just 5 days, Nobel Laureates are now teaching us that the quorum language of the inner ecosystem that can nurture, sustain, renew, heal and protect us from a polluted and stressful world. Heather Yanick, a nationally board-certified Quorum Nutritionist provide to stimulate our members to examine and discuss the forces that confine, inhibit or restrict our true healing potential at the inner physician level and NOURISH & HYDRATE our inner physician’s innate healing abilities so we may rekindle the fire of hope, life, love and happiness in our lives.

 If you want to make intelligent and informed food nourishment choices and want to stop feeling confused, dis-empowered and ignorant of safe, natural foods that nourish your body’s inner physician, join the association now and enjoy your constitutional right to private assembly and freedom of choice in health care.  By becoming a member of our private membership association, established under the 1st and 14th amendment of the US Constitution, you will have the freedom to understand more about nature and safe health solutions. Making intelligent and informed health care choices will you debunk dangerous health myths and unveil underlying truths, squarely attuning your expectations with reality.

Licensed and/or Board Certified Practitioners with Professional Liability Insurance – E-mail QFA @  order@quantafoods.com for wholesale application and a Lifetime membership application fee of $9.99. Once approved we will send you clinical protocols and a fax wholesale order form.

Still Undecided? Did You Know that?

  • 97.5% of Dietary Supplements currently sold are toxic, moldy, heat damaged and ineffective at restoring inner physician health and fail to nourish the human microbiome.
  • Pollutants are entering your body about 50 times faster than you can detoxify them and are injuring your body’s inner physician and is depleting organic sulfur and other primary protective nutrients?
  • Inorganic, milligram-dosed minerals in supplements or in alkaline ionic water or chlorinated water are not what nature intended regarding your need for mineral nutrition and cause ion deregulation, jamming up the neural processing networks of your inner physician and inducing and promoting prolonged inflammation ?